Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, Mendoza is lovely but it is best not to be sick whilst there.

Wé just got back to Santiago this afternoon and I hardly did anything in Mendoza. I spent most of the time in the hostel feeling abit sorry for myself. I managed to have a quick look around the markets and a brief wander around town the first day but that was about it. Greg and some of the people we met took off to some hotpools but I just didn´t feel up to it.

I´m really gutted that I didn´t get to any of the vineyards around there. They are meant to be amazing. I did buy a bottle of wine though and have brought it back to Chile for when I feel better.

Felt OK on the bus today but when we got here I got worse again. Hopefully it´s over fairly soon. We´re getting on another bus soon to Pichilemu on the coast. About 3 hours from here. I desperately don´t want to miss out on another place because I´m sick.

Pichilemu is a little surf town, I think. Have seen a few photos so I´m quite excited. Marty is excited about the prospect of surfing.

Anyway, better get going. We almost missed the bus this morning. I don´t want a repeat of that.

What an unhappy post. Sorry. And apologies for the bad spelling and grammar. I´m just typing and posting. Marty keeps picking me up on it.

Hope you are all having fun,

K xx


Anna said...

Hi darling...Have just written one comment which didn't seem to stick...I left one in the other diary below not realising it stays there so pse check....I am thinking of you and hoping you are much better - do pse let me know.........all my love A

Anonymous said...

Hey ya,

Sounds like you are having a great time in South America and very beautiful photos. I will look forward reading rest of your blog later on.

Take it easy and get well.

This message is from one of ex Unitec Deaf student last year. (Certificate in Animal Care) *hints*