Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sorry, it´s a photo post.

Insane amounts of wires all through Santiago.

Part of the view from the hallway. The fireworks were just on the left of the picture and went right the way around the coast.

Part of the view from our living room. So many houses!

Unfortunately I am having issues with getting photos the right way up. This was just after the fireworks looking down to the plaza where millions of people were flocking

Some of the graffiti in Cerro Concepcion. The place is full of cool artwork.

I will have to write again at another time. We now have to find a way from here to Colchagua Valley for the weekend. There will be mucho vino bibido. Excuse the possibly terrible Spanish. Today has been particularly difficult.

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Anna said...

Hi darling...I am so pleased you have your feet on terra firma and are not on a bus; the trip sopunds horrifying and cannot wait to see the photos - probably not forme!

The joys of travelling can be challenging at times but you will have a lifelong dinner stories to tell!

Quiet here with richard gone; still I'm getting along and back into tennis, work and possibly joining a choir - I imagine I will not be accepted but we will see.

I'm trying to sort out my trip to Taiwan so I can stay in Auckland and see you - my problem is I spend five years dreaming about travel and then when it comes to making the booking I find my stomach lurching into my mouth at the thought of long flights, not to mentin going to the most populated city in the world.

richard sounds happy enough - a four ebdroom apartment with tatty old furniture. I've found him a bridge club so that should keep him happy.

Happy travelling - please take care,,,,,,all my Love Mum