Saturday, January 26, 2008

Solomente fotografia

Just some more graffiti from around Valpo. There are a few more bits and pieces I want to photograph befpre we leave tomorrow but time is running out. There is a vege cafe, the one with the blended sangria, that has a mosaic´d mannequin which is very cool.

I can´t believe this is our last day. I got over my sickness for a few days and then it came back so I have been taking it easy for a while now. Am being very careful about what I eat just to get over it.

From here we head back to Santiago for a few days. Marty and Graeme want to have a jam and hopefully record some stuff before we take off. Then it´s up to La Serena for a few days and then to San Pedro de Atacama in the desert. Hopefully we´ll get to some of the salt lakes and see some flamingoes. If we can we´ll go over to Bolivia but it might be too difficult. If not it will be straight to Cuzco and Machu Picchu to battle the altitudes of the Andes.

Ok, going to book some buses now.


K xx


Anna said...

Hi darling.......The grafitti is amazing - very picasso some of it - probably sell for a fortune in NZ!

I am concerned about your health - I do hope you are feeling better again - there is nothing worse than travelling and feeling below par.

I have managed to find a wonderful old fashioned "Country women's Cook Book that has all sorts of tips for gardening, planting and life!

I am sure it will be very useful.. and an inspiration. At present I am researching dandelion and elderflower as potential new fad medicianl plants to grow and sell to the upwardly mobile .....Love A

Anna said...

Anxiously wondering how yur health is; I'm taking it as no news is good news but know that Giardia is not pleasant and may take a few days to get over. Do try and let me know pse. Thinking of you....xxxxoooooA