Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Feels like Welly

Buenos tardes. We arrived in Pucon this morning. Didn´t get much sleep on the bus even though it was more comfortable than the bed I was sleeping on all last year. More leg room than I knew what to do with and they provided us with breakfast and bottled water. And pillows and blankets. It was better than travelling first class. And relatively cheap. Much cheaper than I originally thought.

But now that we´re here it is Wellington weather. Windy and raining and cold. I can´t see the lake or the volcano but it is meant to clear in a couple of days. But the heat in Santiago was almst unbearable so this is a bit of relief in a way.

Communication has been OK so far. I can now understand Pedro, the 3 y/o nephew of Berni, which is a break through! We spent this morning taking about things while he played around on a skateboard. He is really good for a 3 y/o. I wouldn´t expect a kid that age to even stand on one without hurting themselves but he´s doing little tricks and trying to jump over 3 boards on top of each other. I was the scared one.

It´s a cute little town. It almost looks like a film set. The lake is really rough today though and I nearly got blown over when I went down to have a look.

Anyway, I´m going to get some lunch and then try and get a lift back to the house.

Hasta luego,


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