Monday, January 14, 2008

No rest for the wicked.


Back in Valparaiso now after almost 15 hours on a bus. The first bus was one of the super comfortable buses though so it wasn´t too bad.

Yesterady when I got back we all went straight out to Ritoque again. Marty and Graeme wanted to surf but the waves had other ideas. It was strange weather. A cocoon of cloud was hanging over the beach and sand dunes but elsewhere was bright sunshine. It´s funny how that happens here. We played some volleyball (very badly! We did not make NZ proud. The locals were looking at us as though we were completely insane) and had some food and drinks.

When we got home the same cloud came wafting over Valparaiso. Quite a spectacular sight. You could reach out and touch the cloud from the balcony which hadn´t been engulfed. And feel the difference in temperature. Very strange.

Today is fairly lazy. Graeme, Greg and I have meandered into town to do this sort of thing. I bought myself an external hard drive for all the photos. Relatively cheap and a huge amount of memory. I am very happy!

Greg is planning a trip to Mendoza tomorrow and I think I will tag along. I didn´t get over to Bariloche and San Martin de los Andes while I was in Pucon so a taste of Argentina would be welcome. Argentina is meant to be incredibly cheap. The Lonely Planet guide that Greg has says there is a restaurant that has 20 different pasta sauces and 30 types of pasta and meals are under $4. There also seem to be some very odd bars - one normally a gay bar that has extravagant drag shows at midnight and heavy techno later on (good god! I guess we could be on K Rd though) yet attracts all sorts of people. I don´t think we´ll go there.

I can´t upload photos in this internet cafe but I need to put the photos of the volcano up. I was beyond words. I´d love to get back down there sometime.

Ok, time for some food I feel. I think I am empanada´d out so will have to find something more wholesome.

Hasta luego.

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