Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The end

Well, the trip has come to an end. I am at the airport in Santiago waiting to board my plane to Buenos Aires and then home. I´m quite excited about getting home now. I am going to bore everyone with photos for HOURS! I hope you are prepared :)

The last couple of days have just been spent recovering yet again from some stomach troubles so nothing exceedingly exciting has been happening. I have been staying with Berni and Graeme which has been good though. It´s nice being able to relax and chat in the sun by the pool.

I have smuggled some bottles of wine into my big pack and I hope they aren´t going to take them off me when I arrive in NZ. I couldn´t stand it. They are really nice. I don´t see why they wouldn´t allow them in the country though.

Marty and Greg seem to be all good up in Mancora. Marty is over the moon being able to surf so much I think. I have had a few emails but haven´t been able to call them. I thnk the number I got was wrong.

Anyway, this trip has been amazing. I´m a bit pissed off that I was sick so much but there wasn´t much I could do about it. The trip to Peru went so fast I can´t believe it. It seems a bit like a dream now. It´s hard to believe we spent almost a month there. There were a lot of long bus trips though which consumed a lot of our time. But the 15 hour bus rides have made the 11 hour flight from Buenos Aires to Auckland seem super easy. 11 hours is nothing now. I think I will sleep most of the way anyway because I arrive at 4.30am (I have been awake at that time a lot recently) and then a flight from Ak to Welly a few hours afterwards. I hope there are no delays along the way because I haven´t actually left myself that much time.

Anyway, I better get going. Everything at the airport is stupidly expensive, including internet use. But I will see you all tomorrow! Wednesday does not exist for me at all.

The last goodbye,

Kerry :)

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