Tuesday, February 5, 2008

¿Blog con agregado señor?

Hola todo el mundo!

This is a little interlude into Kerry´s blog from myself, Don Martin de la Sierra.

As the last week has been a brotherly one and the majority of images revealed are from our vast travels through the plain, yet amazing landscapes of northern Chile, the author shall I be (under close guard from Doña Kerry de la Selva).

Although at only two and a half thousand metres above sea level, upon arrival at the highly sought after village of San Pedro de Atacama (for it´s geographical position), Gregorio (aka Joaquin, although he seems to come up with a new name in each village, for reasons that he may divulge later) and myself suffered light altitude sickness although only in the form of headaches. Chewing coca leaves with bicarbonate soda and some rest had us ready for hikes up dunes and sand boarding the next day.
What to say about sandboarding? Ridiculously fun in that, being kiwis, we set about trying to go as fast and do as big a jumps as possible. Much to the delight of the local sandboarders. Flying Gringos with no landing gear, say no more.

Valle de la Luna. Yet another magical spot in this continent. One of those places where being there and the feeling that comes with it are far failed by my words. Massive, impressive landscapes full of colours and textures that never cease to amaze and seem to surround the small village of San Pedro in some sort of motherly fashion. Snow capped volcanoes reach up from arid plains that themselves stretch out into salt flats as far as the eye can see. True to it´s name, ´The valley of the moon´, this place follows in suit with the surrounding landscapes and blows Joaquin and I away.
Adelante a Arica y Peru!
Nos vemos dentro de poco,
Don Martin de la Sierra
Dusty streets of San Pedro.
La plaza principal de San Pedro de Atacama
The dunes. Large and very steep.

View from Valle de la Muerte to the mountains with the village of San Pedro de Atacama in between.
Landscapes of Valle de la luna.

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