Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We went fishing this morning. Caught 6 fish, only one of which I can claim to be my own - I blame positioning. 4 cod, a leatherjacket (didn´t know you could eat them) and something that looks very similar to a terakihi. The fishermen kindly donated 1.5 conger eels (half was used as bait - very unsuccessfully) to the stash which I think we may discard. They don´t look too appetising! But it was good fun. We ate the 4 cod for lunch. Beautiful to have such fresh fish!

Last night we went out and played poker and had a few drinks. The rain started at dusk and didn´t abate until this morning. When we left the bar we were rushed home through mud only to find the gates of the hostel locked. We thought we´d climb the wall by our room but luckily there were still some people up (it wasn´t even midnight) so they let us in through a side door. That is a really pointless story.

A man at the hostel apparently got stung by a scorpion the other day and had to go to hospital. I haven´t seen any scorpions at all. I´d like to see4 one from afar. Found a gecko last night though which I got overly excited about, of course.

I am absolutely covered in mozzie bites and they´re driving me insane. In retrospect the cancellation of the jungle trip was probably a good idea. We saw a lot of people in Cusco who had just come from there and they were covered, head to toe, in enormous insect bites. Ugh. I dread to think of the itching.

Anyway, I think I´m going to head back to the hostel for a siesta. There probably won´t be anymore photos before I get back but you never know.


K x

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