Monday, February 18, 2008

A few more photos

The markets in Huarmey swarming with mototaxis. Funny little things.

A stall selling chicken complete with feet. They look like rubber chickens.

Ooohhh.... my little Lapiz! She is so adorable even if she is covered in fleas.

The raising of the tree in Puerto Huarmey.

The enormous waves at Tuquillo. I was a bit nervous about Greg being so close!

Ok, we have now reached another internet cafe where our hard drive works. We have been to approximately 8 different places and this was the only one that worked. And of course it is the furthest away.

We have changed hostels because the other one was pretty gross and our bathroom flooded instantly. We are now at a nicer one with a dirty pool and a kitchen. But it is still close to the beach.

The dolphins were beautiful. It was such a lovely way to wake up. It always astounds me how happy they are to be around humans. They truly do rule the world... "So long and thanks for all the fish!"

I have booked my bus back to Lima on the 21st and I can{t believe how little time I have left. It is going to be strange going home. I finally feel like I can relax here and it{s only for a few days.

I am going to have to go for another swim soon. It is rather hot. But I think the sea is a better option than the pool. And the water is so warm. This is the life!

Bye again,

Kerry x

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jenny said...

Call me dorkus. I have moved into new flat that I absolutely love and you must come and stay!!!