Sunday, August 12, 2012

New adventure

It's the fiiinal countdown! Although I highly doubt I will find a sloth in Europe this will continue to be my travel blog (minus Cambodia).

Tomorrow is my last day in NZ before my mother and I head over to Europe for our centenary celebrations (her 70th birthday and my 30th). I fear there may be madness on the cards but we have to hope for the best!

Most of our accommodation has been booked so at least that is one thing organized. Our semi planned trip is as follows:

Arrive London, stay for a few days.
Train to Sussex to see the family.
Fly to Wales to se where mum was born.
Train to Liverpool then fly to Mallorca.
Stay Mallorca for 4 days.
Fly to Paris then train to Poitiers.
Stay Poitiers for a few days.
Somehow get to Italy.
Stay Lake Maggiore for 3 days.
Hire car and drive from Lake Maggiore to Venice.
Stay Venice for a few days.
Drive to Slovenia for 4 days.
Drive to Trieste - stay a few days.
Fly Trieste to Rome.
Rome overnight then fly to Hong Kong.
Stay Hong Kong few days.
Fly Hong Kong to NZ.

All this in one month. Craziness! But, no doubt, much fun will be had!

Let the games begin!

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