Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Halfway there

Well, the first and second legs of this trip have been successful! We are in Hong Kong and due to board our flight to London in about an hour. I am so exceptionally tired so I hope I can sleep on this next flight.

Auckland to Hong Kong was pretty bumpy but the plane stayed in the air which was nice. Mum was watching a movie with headphones on and kept unintentionally screaming at me while everyone else was trying to sleep. I actually have no idea where she is at the moment which is somewhat worrying seeing as she really likes boarding planes at the very last minute and I have her boarding pass.

This airport is just enormous! When we disembarked we had no idea where we were or where we were meant to go but someone told us to get on a train so we did. The train was driverless which was unnerving. Anyway, we got off the train and were confronted by the most gigantic escalator I've ever seen. It must have been about 5 storeys high. Mum refused to get on it (but did suggest that I get on it so she could take a photo! I never would have seen her again!) so we found a lift which she got into and I didn't so we almost lost each other again. We really shouldn't travel together! Not to mention that I got stopped at the gate in Auckland because my boarding pass wouldn't scan and she had merrily tottered onto the plane with no thought that I may not have been behind her!

We haven't been outside here but it's apparently 30C and 11 o'clock at night. So crazy. We'll be here for 3 days on our way home so no doubt will feel the full force of it then.

Anyway, a few photos of us about to depart Auckland.


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