Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pisco the night away

Here we are celebrating our arrival in Buenos Aires with an expensive ($4) bottle of Quilmes. By this point we were all felling a bit filthy and in desperate need of a toothbrush. The beer probably didn"t help (Ican"t find the apostrophe on this keyboard).
This is the Andes as we flew over. We were all in separate seats and I think the boys saw Aconcagua (apparently the highest mountain outside the Himalayas) on their side. Pretty amazing though. So rugged.
Dinner outside at Berni"s place. Had our first pisco sour and some Chilean beer. Also, with Berni"s help, we mapped out our journey south and then north.
This morning we got a proper look at the house in daylight. It is so beautiful. Berni and Graeme live in the back partof the house which is completely self-contained with the pool just outside their bedroom door.
Next time I will try and make sure all the photos are up the right way. This was a bit later on making piscolas. 3am saw me off to bed which meant we didn" wake up until 1pm. It was the jet lagged coma-like sleep which I think we needed.

We have been to San Cristobal today but will post photos at another time seeing as this has taken ages and I have to go and sample some Chilean wine which was $6 from the supermaket.

Hasta luego :)

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