Friday, December 28, 2007

Bienvenido a Santiago

Hola, buenos noches. Goodness, the jet lag is starting to set in but our first night in Chile is going to be great. Berni and Graeme met us at the airport and ferried us back to Berni's house which is just amazing! It's exactly as I had imagined but it has a pool which I won't complain about in 30 degree heat.

There were a few dramas in Auckland with the flights being delayed becasue (we only just found this out a few minutes ago) another couple who are doing the course in Valparaiso with Marty had a few issues with a passport and the police apparently thought that the guy had stolen his own passport. Will find out full story at a later date.

Flying into Santiago over the Andes was pretty spectacular. Bumpy and fast on the way down but most of it was breathtaking. Clouds blocked a lot of the mountains but the peaks peeking out from between fluffy whites possibly made it more beautiful.

Anyway, i will write at another time, but we are about to eat.

Photos will be up soon,

Kerry x

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